🌺What not to do with azaleas?

- Don't plant them in the lawn,
- Don't let them dry out, but water them!
- Don't allow weeds around them,
- Don't leave last year's flower heads on the bush,
- Don't feed them to pests and voles, so don't plant them in peat,
- Don't plant azaleas in the shade.

When to fertilize azaleas correctly? Soil application in March, foliar application after flowering.

Fun fact: Azaleas grow beautifully when placed in a bed with only acid-loving plants or plants that, like them, require a lot of water.

🌺How to cultivate azaleas step by step, month by month throughout the year, you will see in the "Cultivation Plans" tab. There, we have listed all the tasks to be done with azaleas - we have divided them into 3 categories: care, protection, and fertilization.

Good luck!