The most important task is soil preparation. The soil must be clean, meaning thoroughly cleared of weeds and deeply plowed. For meadows, soils of not too high quality are recommended.

Secondly, the seeds should not be sown too densely, so we mix them with sand.

When should the flower meadow be sown?

It is best to do this in April or May when the soil temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. But it can also be done when the soil temperature is very low - in November or early December so that more delicate seeds do not begin to germinate.

It is said that perennial meadows are sown in autumn, and annual ones in spring. However, the truth is that every meadow is perennial if we mow it at the right time and allow the seeds to be sown again. Therefore, the timing of sowing the meadow may not be crucial; much more important is mowing. We encourage experimentation.