Well, good day! Today we'd like to show you how we plant tomato seedlings in a city greenhouse.

What should you remember when planting tomatoes in a greenhouse?

🗓️ Timing - this applies to both sowing tomatoes and planting them in the ground. It's best to sow tomatoes in March or later, and transplant them in May - depending on the weather, but ideally around mid-May or May 20th.

💦 Tomato seedlings don't need to be very wet before transplanting, they should be moist, but not dripping with water - tomatoes don't like to be too wet.

🌱 Dig a hole in moist soil, but again not too wet or too dry, add fertilizer, in the video we used natural fertilizer with sheep wool, but you can also use compost granules.

🍅 Plant tomatoes fairly deep, almost to the first leaf (which will soon fall off anyway after planting).

🍅 You don't need to water the tomatoes immediately after planting, you can do it after a few hours.

What next? You'll find out in detail from our tomato cultivation plan.

Good luck!