Well, good day! Let the first one who has never been drawn to magnolia flowers cast a stone. Well, it's impossible to pass by this shrub indifferently. Subjectively and objectively speaking, it's simply beautiful.

We're not surprised when many of you write to us, considering buying a magnolia for your garden. However, remember that it's best to buy magnolias in the summer. Why? Because that's when we can best see the condition of the shrub - its growth, the floral buds it has - then we can be sure that the plant's root system is in good condition, and we can safely buy it. Also, remember that magnolia doesn't like company, it prefers to grow without competition from other plants.

Remember - magnolia starts blooming in April 💚

And which variety to choose? See what's available on the market:

🌸Magnolia "Susan" - has bell-shaped flowers - darker at the base, lighter at the tips. Suitable variety for small gardens as it is a compact shrub. Reaches up to 4 m in height. Prefers a warm but sheltered position.

🌸Japanese magnolia "Kobus" - the largest magnolia among the popular varieties on the market. It can reach a height of even 10 m, and can have a width of up to 6 m! Blooms in white. Great for large gardens, parks, and extensive areas. Resistant to low temperatures.

🌸Magnolia "Betty" - grows up to 3.5 m in height. It has purplish-red flowers - white inside. Prefers to grow in a sheltered position. Blooms before leaf development.

🌸Magnolia "George Henry Kern" - starts abundant flowering before leaf development. Its flowers are lilac in color, white inside. It grows slowly and has a compact structure. Thanks to this, it also blooms for a long time. Prefers a sheltered position. Resistant to low temperatures.

🌸Magnolia "Heaven Scent" - grows into a small tree, up to 4-5 m in height. It has pink, fragrant (according to the name) chalice-shaped flowers. Suitable for small gardens.

🌸Magnolia "Nigra" - also recommended for small gardens, as it grows up to 3-4 m maximum. It has chalice-shaped flowers in ruby color, white inside.

🌸Magnolia "Leonard Messel" - moderately frost-resistant, wide, heavily branched variety. Grows to a height of 3-4 m. It has pink flowers, white inside - first in chalice shape, then widely open.

🌸Magnolia "Ricki" - grows to 2-3 m, so it's rather a small tree/shrub. Its floral buds are slender, purple. Lighter inside. The variety is moderately frost-resistant. Recommended for small gardens.

🌸Magnolia "Siebolda" - grows slowly, reaching up to 2.5 m in height. It has white flowers, red inside, with a distinct scent. Blooms in summer. Prefers shaded positions. Frost-resistant, but leaves may react poorly to light frost. Recommended for small gardens.

🌸Magnolia "Alba Superba" - recommended for medium-sized gardens - can reach up to 5 m in height. It has white, slightly pink at the base, fragrant flowers. Prefers a sheltered position. Late frosts can damage the flowers.

🌸Magnolia "Soulange'a"/"Alexandrina") - recommended for large gardens, as it grows up to 8 m in height. Blooms together with leaf development. It has purplish-pink flowers, white at the ends. Prefers sheltered positions. Late frosts can damage the flowers. Its leaves change color to yellow in autumn.

🌸Magnolia "Lennei" - wide shrub up to 2-3 m in height. Grows slowly. It has large leaves, large dark purple flowers, white inside. Requires a warm place in the garden. Recommended for medium and large gardens.

🌸Magnolia "Amabilis" - grows fairly quickly, wide and tall - up to 4-5 m in height. Blooms in white (flowers are slightly pinkish on the outside). Prefers sheltered positions, winters well. Recommended for medium and large gardens.

🌸Magnolia "Rustica Rubra" - grows quickly, is wide. Reaches a height of up to 7 m, so it's recommended for large gardens. It has spherical pink-red flowers, lighter inside. Prefers sheltered positions.

🌸Magnolia "Speciosa" - reaches a height of up to 6 m. It has large, white flowers, slightly pinkish, fragrant, widely open. Prefers sheltered positions.

🌸Star magnolia - slow-growing variety up to 3 m in height. It has white, widely open, fragrant flowers. Blooms earliest among all magnolia varieties. Prefers warm and sheltered positions. Recommended for small gardens.

🌸Star magnolia "Rosea" - slow-growing variety up to 3 m in height. It has pink, fragrant, star-shaped flowers. Blooms at the turn of March and April. Resistant to frost, rather recommended for small gardens.

🌸Star magnolia "Royal Star" - has a wide, rounded habit. Reaches a height of up to 3.5 m. It has star-shaped, full, white flowers. Recommended for small gardens. Generally frost-resistant, but spring frosts may damage the flowers.

🌸Magnolia "Yellow River" - a rarity among magnolias, as it blooms in yellow. It has fragrant, thick flowers. It's better to grow it in sheltered positions, then it's frost-resistant. It grows up to 8 m in height and is wide, so it's rather recommended for large gardens, parks.

Let us know in the comments if we forgot about any variety 💗

Check out the "cultivation plans" tab where you'll find a detailed, year-round plan for caring, protecting, and fertilizing magnolias.

Good luck!