Good day! Time flies, it's already June! But the app always keeps watch, and every day when you enter it, you'll see what activities are worth doing in the garden right now.

But we also create posts like this one, which summarize the knowledge for a given month. Read and watch the video to see what you can do in June in the garden.


Well, in June, not only do our favorite plants grow, but so do the weeds. We don't have to weed every last weed, but let's make sure they don't dominate the plants, especially trees and fruit bushes, or peonies, for example.


While weeding, let's respect the weeds, i.e., let's see what we're pulling out, because it may turn out to be horsetail, mugwort, or nettle. From all these plants, you can prepare fertilizers, which not only nourish the plants but sometimes also help get rid of pests.


Deadheading spent flowers = better flowering next season. Attention! Check how the mulch under your rhododendron and azalea is doing - if it's lacking, replenish it so that moisture doesn't escape from the soil.


Have clusters formed on your grapevine? If so, it's a good time for light pruning of grapevines. All to give more light to the fruit. We cut too long tendrils - we cut them off 3-4 leaves beyond the cluster. This way, for example, we prune half of the tendrils, leaving the rest for winter pruning.

🫱⚠️Having a problem in the garden? Use the "Identify problem," "Identify plant" options.


Early recognition of diseases or pests is easier to remove with natural preparations.


They bloom in June if they get everything they need. Remember to remove spent flower heads after peonies bloom.



What to prune in June besides grapevines? For example, spurges.


Summer is a good time to prepare herbaceous cuttings, i.e., those from young shoots - we cut them, remove the leaves, and plant them in the soil.

Good luck!