Rhubarb produces large leaves that sit on long and thick stalks. It is precisely these stalks that are the edible part of rhubarb. Their color can be red, pink, or green. The underside of the stalk is grooved, which distinguishes this type of rhubarb from the smooth variety. Rhubarb is characterized by a tart taste.
What it tastes best with?

Rhubarb is mainly used to make compotes in spring when there are no other fruits available. It also serves as a side dish to juices (e.g., raspberry juice), yeast pastries, and yeast cakes. It can also be used to make fruit wine or eaten raw with sugar. The stalks of rhubarb are not only available in spring. The harvests of this vegetable are great for processing, even in winter, meaning that delicious rhubarb compotes can be prepared practically all year round.