Are the leaves of your tomato seedlings turning yellow, curling up, and falling off? This could be caused by pots that are too small or a lack of minerals and nutrients. So, how can you save the tomato seedlings?

If you find that your pots are too small, it's best to repot the seedlings. Also, make sure that the soil they're growing in is adequately nourished.

If your tomato seedlings don't need to be repotted because they've already been transplanted, simply fertilize them. However, make sure to do so in moderate amounts. Only do this if you're sure that the tomatoes lack nutrients. Tomatoes are demanding plants, so fertilizing them is important, especially if you don't want them to wilt prematurely, even until May 15th.

Good soil is the key

When planting plants, choose high-quality soil. It should contain compost, decalcified peat, and mineral fertilizer, provided the soil has been allowed to mature for at least a month. Compost promotes biological activity in the soil, peat retains moisture, and fertilizer supplements minerals. Remember the diversity of organic matter, peat, and minerals not only for tomatoes but also for most vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. This is the recipe for success in growing different plants.